About us

Remnants belongs to Nikos Valasiadis, archaeologist based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The site is my brainchild, as I am behind site-design, implementation, texts and images. It serves as the web-front and publication board for my research activities that are related to the history and archaeology of the 20th century conflict and its memory at present.

Abandoned WWII German installation, Kokkino Chorio Chanea, Summer 2014.

This is not a strictly personal endeavour. The team includes my wife Rena Veropoulidou, also an archaeologist and a helpful hand in all aspects from fieldwork to publication. We operate mainly on Crete where the research has a heavy focus on field work and photography. Some of these results are presented in this website. They come mostly from the recent activity, but also include material from long time ago.

Over the years, a number of people have helped by providing information, comments, motivation and company. Without them much of the existing content would be missing. These people are responsible for all the good and interesting stuff, while any errors remain our own.