This is a list of associates, colleagues and friends that contributed in various ways all over the years. Both the research and the content of this site would be much more incomplete without them. For that reason we express our gratitude to them.

Abandoned WWII German installation, Kokkino Chorio Chanea, Summer 2014.

Stavros Amanakis - Ministry of Culture, Knossos

Katerina Bolmati - Producer, Thessaloniki

Kostis Christakis - Archaeologist, BSA, Knossos

Peter Callaghan - Archaeologist, BSA

Stratos Dordanas - Historian, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki

Minas Drestiliaris - Collector-Researcher, Thessaloniki

Argiris Ftakas - Conservator-Climber, Kozani

Paul Halstead - Archaeologist, Sheffield University, Sheffield

Debi Harlan - Archaeologist, BSA

Thanasis Kalaniotis - Historian-Climber, Kozani

Alex Karatzas - Translator-Publishing editor, Athens

Kostis Mamalakis - Researcher, Heraklion

Hector A. Orengo - Archaeologist, Catalan Institute for Classical Archaeology, Barcelona

Manolis Paparaftakis - Collector, Maleme

Tony Pollard - Archaeologist, Centre for Battlefield Archaeology, Glasgow

Yannis Prekatsounakis - Naval Officer - Researcher, Athens

Steffen Rhode - Suchdienst, BDF, Munich

Dimitris Skartsilakis - Collector-Researcher, Rethymnon

Vyron Tesapsides - Researcher, Thessaloniki

Giannis Thoidis - University of Western Macedonia, Thessaloniki

Spiros Tsipidis - Cartographer, Thessaloniki

Stelios Tripalitakis - Collector-Researcher, Galatas

Manos Tripalitakis - Collector-Researcher, Galatas

Savas Vlassis - Journalist, Athens

Dimitris Vogiatzis - Historian, Greek Air Force Museum, Athens

Yiotis Vrantzas - Filmmaker, Thessaloniki

Adrian Wright - Researcher, Thessaloniki