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Alikianos House

The "Alikianos House" was probably built in the interwar period as an olive press facility. During WWII it was used by German occupying forces, most probably as garrison headquarters.

The Alikianos House
Abandoned building in the village of Alikianos, May 2009.

The building lies in a poor condition, not far away from the center of Alikianos village. Parts of the original "industrial" equipment are abandoned in the interior yard. War-time era traces can be found inside the building.

Of interst are the WWII German propaganda inscriptions in stylized lettering, as well as the decorative patterns, still visible in some interior walls.

On the attic in the NE corner of the building, a semiofficial recreation room was spoted. Wall paintings represent a loose, "cabaret" like, atmosphere. A whole orchestra of soldiers (the "Janko Band") playing among palm trees and other performers is depicted.

The condition of the building and the paintings themselves is far from excellent. The building has been left abandoned for many years, resulting in the deterioration of its parts. The interior staircase that goes to the top is ready to fall apart.

The future of the building is uncertain. According to local testiomonies, however, the village community has expressed some interest towards its preservation.

Special thanks to collector Manolis Paparaftakis for heping with this one

"Main building"

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"Recreation room"

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