Ju 52 1Z+RT (from 1zbvr) crash-landed on the 20th of May 1941, near the settlement of Perivolia, some 4 km east of Rethymno. The plane had already dropped the paratroopers from 2./FschJgr 2 before it was forced to crash-land not far from the eastern defences of group Wiedemman. The crew survived and joined the paratroopers at Perivolia.

Unfortunately, the crash site today is situated behind fences in private property, so the comparison shot is taken from a slightly larger distance. Both the horizon skyline on the background, and the ground-form on the foreground testify for the identification of the locality.


D. Skartsilakis Archive

Identification: D. Skartsilakis | Image: N. Valasiadis